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If you’ve been through an abortion and you need help or support, Central Texas Life Care is here for you. We help anyone who needs support after an abortion. Our counselors are caring and non-judgmental. We care about your recovery. Don’t wait for it to go away, let us help.

Central Texas Life Care offers free & confidential post abortion support in San Marcos, TX. For more information call or text 512-396-3020.

Initially, many women feel immediate relief post abortion. The crisis is over, and they can go on with their lives like normal; no one ever has to know. However, for most women normal isn’t normal anymore.

Feelings of guilt, shame, and regret may lead to depression, substance abuse, nightmares, suicidal thoughts, failed relationships and much more.

Often, women don’t experience these emotions until months or even years later. The burden of carrying around the secret of an abortion can be overwhelming.

If you are one of the millions of women suffering from the regret of a past abortion, we want you to know that there is Hope and Healing. Let us walk alongside you through this healing process. At Central Texas Life Care, we have caring and compassionate individuals who can guide you through Post Abortion Counseling and Education (PACE). This is an 8 week study in a small group setting with other women who share similar stories.

PACE Program Details

Attending PACE will bring great release as you take this first step towards healing. After possibly years of silence, you will be in a room where everyone understands how you feel. While it can be difficult to attend the first meeting, you’ll be surprised by the non-judgemental understanding and empathy you’ll find within your group. By taking this very important first step, you will come to realize that you don’t have to be sad forever.

You will be in a safe environment with other women who have similar stories. Your abortion doesn’t have to be a secret any longer. Although you will never be pressured into sharing your story before you are ready, you will sense a shared purpose and hope.

Once we start a new session series, the same people will attend each week so that trust can be built.

Our gentle, compassionate counselors will allow you a safe place to grieve… so that you can take steps towards healing.
They will guide you through a curriculum designed to help you and the other participants find healing, hope and freedom from your past.

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